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Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on November 22, 2010
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You may have noticed a degree of inactivity on this blog. All former posts are still relevant, but I now have a new Peru travel blog called How to Peru. You can see a list of the latest articles in the sidebar to the right of this post. If you need Peru travel tips and information, or have a specific question to ask, HowtoPeru is the place to do it.




The San Juan Festival

Posted in Culture,Travel by Tony Dunnell on June 6, 2010
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Juanes san juan festival peru events

Juanes prepared for the San Juan Festival, Peru

While Inti Raymi is celebrated in the Andean highlands, particularly in Cusco, the people of the Peruvian jungle celebrate the San Juan festival. Both Inti Raymi, the Inca “Festival of the Sun”, and the Festival of San Juan take place between the 21st and 24th of June.

Both are great celebrations to attend, although they are very different in nature.

San Juan Festival, Peru

The San Juan Festival is celebrated on the 24th of June, with the days either side being set aside for more festivities. Whole families head down to the river side, taking their previously prepared juanes with them.

Everyone swims in the river; as the day advances, dancing and drinking continue through the night (and often well into the next day).

For more information about the festival of San Juan, have a look at The Festival of San Juan, Peru over at If you are travelling in Peru at this time, the San Juan Festival should not be missed – just get some sleep beforehand, as it can be a very long day….

Backpacking in Peru Alone or with Friends?

One of the most important decisions to be made before going backpacking in Peru is whether to go solo or with a friend or friends. For some people this will be an easy decision. If you want the total freedom and challenge that solo backpacking involves, then go for it. If you prefer the security and shared experience offered by a travelling companion, then bring your friends alone for the ride.

Backpacking Peru Solo or with Friends?

However, if you are undecided about which course to take, have a look at “Traveling to Peru Alone or With Friends?“. This article might help you make up your mind. Remember, if you do choose to go backpacking in Peru alone, there will always be plenty of opportunities to tag along with other backpackers – you will rarely be truly alone.

Backpacking in Peru Travel Articles Online

Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on April 9, 2010
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There are plenty of Peru guide books on the market, the two top sellers being Lonely Planet Peru and the Rough Guide to Peru. The information is generally decent but guide books always suffer due to the infrequency of updates.

Peru Information Online

The internet is a great resource for backpackers. Plenty of up-to-date articles can be found, there are some great blogs out there, and travel forums can be pretty helpful for getting questions answered (although forums can sometimes be a little rough and ready, highly opinionated and prone to flame wars!)

For some regularly updated Peru backpacking articles (and some other bits of Peru information), take a look at this Peru travel article list. New articles are added frequently and the existing articles are updated when needed.

Peru Honeymoon Destinations

Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 20, 2009
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For a honeymoon with an added slice of adventure, Peru offers some great honeymoon destinations. Jungle lodges, Andean hide-aways, coastal hotspots or mystical Inca citadels, Peru has them all. It is often an overlooked destination for newlyweds, but Peru has a mysticism and romance all of its own.

For a mix of adventure, culture, history and romance (all at affordable prices!), have a look at Peru Honeymoon Destinations for some great honeymoon ideas.

Tingo Maria

Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 19, 2009
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Tingo Maria is an often overlooked Peru travel destination. Not part of the well-trodden gringo trail, this friendly town in the Huanuco department of Peru is well worth a visit.

If a traveller wants to take a break from the gringo trail, perhaps after Nazca, Machu Picchu and the nightlife of Miraflores, Tingo Maria is perfect. Hot but not sweltering, a weekend break in this interesting jungle town might just turn into a week. The people are friendly, there are plenty of things to see and do, and the tourist crowds have not yet caught on to this little part of Peru.

For more information have a look at Get Off the Gringo Trail in Tingo Maria, Peru or have a look at TarapotoLife for information about the Tingo Maria to Tarapoto road.

Who Discovered Machu Picchu?

Posted in History - Modern,Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 18, 2009
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Well, the easy answer is Hiram Bingham. Bingham (imagine a slightly more academic, note quite as dynamic Indiana Jones) discovered Machu Picchu in 1911. However, was the Lost City of the Incas ever actually lost? And did Hiram Bingham actually discover it first?

Without taking anything away from Hiram Bingham, the ‘discovery’ of Machu Picchu is a matter of some debate.

Take a look at The Hiram Bingham Machu Picchu Debate to find out more….