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Inca Warfare

Pachacutec Inca Ruler

Inca Ruler Pachacuti (Pachacutec)

At its height, the Inca Empire was the largest in pre-Columbian America. The Inca tribe first began to expand both its territory and sphere of influence during the reign of Pachacuti, a rapid expansion that would end just as quickly about 100 years later.

The arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, along with Old World diseases, would soon decimate the Inca civilization.

Inca Warfare, Weapons & Warriors

The expansion of the Incas was militaristic in nature. Inca warriors were organized and disciplined, while the infrastructure of the Empire, with its roads and lines of communication, allowed Inca armies to cross the realm efficiently.

Inca battle tactics were basic (compared to contemporaneous European civilizations) but effective, with a strong mix of long range and short range weaponry. To learn more about Inca warfare, read the following articles:

Ancient Inca Weapons and Inca Warriors

Battle Tactics of the Inca Civilization

Inca Battle Tactics Versus Spanish Conquistadors



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    incas were the coolest in the world bro dey sick

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