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The San Juan Festival

Posted in Culture,Travel by Tony Dunnell on June 6, 2010
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Juanes san juan festival peru events

Juanes prepared for the San Juan Festival, Peru

While Inti Raymi is celebrated in the Andean highlands, particularly in Cusco, the people of the Peruvian jungle celebrate the San Juan festival. Both Inti Raymi, the Inca “Festival of the Sun”, and the Festival of San Juan take place between the 21st and 24th of June.

Both are great celebrations to attend, although they are very different in nature.

San Juan Festival, Peru

The San Juan Festival is celebrated on the 24th of June, with the days either side being set aside for more festivities. Whole families head down to the river side, taking their previously prepared juanes with them.

Everyone swims in the river; as the day advances, dancing and drinking continue through the night (and often well into the next day).

For more information about the festival of San Juan, have a look at The Festival of San Juan, Peru over at If you are travelling in Peru at this time, the San Juan Festival should not be missed – just get some sleep beforehand, as it can be a very long day….


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