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Peruvian Slang

Posted in Language by Tony Dunnell on September 26, 2009
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Learning a little Peruvian Spanish slang helps a great deal in Spanish conversation. Even an advanced Spanish language learner can struggle if he or she cannot recognize the slang words and expressions which litter the Spanish language in Peru.

Peruvian Spanish Slang

Take a look at Popular Peruvian Slang Words to get a head start on Peruvian slang. There are a few malas palabras included in this article – these are to help understanding the language, and are not recommended for general use! Peruvians don’t swear or curse much, and they are not likely to appreciate a bad-mouthed gringo!

Update: You can now find a more complete list of Peruvian slang at


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  1. You are right learning slang is part of the fun of learning a language. You do have to be careful to use it right though or you can sound a bit like a tryhard.

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