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Peruvian Slang

Posted in Language by Tony Dunnell on September 26, 2009
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Learning a little Peruvian Spanish slang helps a great deal in Spanish conversation. Even an advanced Spanish language learner can struggle if he or she cannot recognize the slang words and expressions which litter the Spanish language in Peru.

Peruvian Spanish Slang

Take a look at Popular Peruvian Slang Words to get a head start on Peruvian slang. There are a few malas palabras included in this article – these are to help understanding the language, and are not recommended for general use! Peruvians don’t swear or curse much, and they are not likely to appreciate a bad-mouthed gringo!

Update: You can now find a more complete list of Peruvian slang at


The World at the Height of the Incas

Posted in History - Inca by Tony Dunnell on September 21, 2009
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South America, Home of the Inca Empire (Nasa, Public Domain Image)

South America, Home of the Inca Empire (Nasa, Public Domain Image)

The Inca Empire was at its height in the early 1500s. But what was happening in the rest of the world?

By looking at major events across the globe circa 1500 a greater understanding of  Inca society,  technology and development can be gained. What was happening in Europe, Asia and Africa? Which major powers were trading with others? Indeed, which seafaring civilizations had even come into contact with each other?

Have a look at a snapshot of the world during the height of the Inca Empire in the article The Incas & World History Circa 1500 at Suite101.

Playing Football (Soccer) in Peru – Essentials!

Posted in Culture,Language,Sport by Tony Dunnell on September 20, 2009
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An invitation to play football in Peru is a great opportunity to meet people and experience some Peruvian culture. Being a country of the ‘macho’ persuasion, it is more likely that a male traveler will be invited to play, but female travelers should not be afraid to join in.

Learning the lingo is a great way to engage with the locals to a greater extent, be it a serious game of fútbol or a friendly kick around known as a pichanga.

Read Learning Spanish Soccer Vocabulary and Phrases to get a head start.

Peru Honeymoon Destinations

Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 20, 2009
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For a honeymoon with an added slice of adventure, Peru offers some great honeymoon destinations. Jungle lodges, Andean hide-aways, coastal hotspots or mystical Inca citadels, Peru has them all. It is often an overlooked destination for newlyweds, but Peru has a mysticism and romance all of its own.

For a mix of adventure, culture, history and romance (all at affordable prices!), have a look at Peru Honeymoon Destinations for some great honeymoon ideas.

Tingo Maria

Posted in Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 19, 2009
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Tingo Maria is an often overlooked Peru travel destination. Not part of the well-trodden gringo trail, this friendly town in the Huanuco department of Peru is well worth a visit.

If a traveller wants to take a break from the gringo trail, perhaps after Nazca, Machu Picchu and the nightlife of Miraflores, Tingo Maria is perfect. Hot but not sweltering, a weekend break in this interesting jungle town might just turn into a week. The people are friendly, there are plenty of things to see and do, and the tourist crowds have not yet caught on to this little part of Peru.

For more information have a look at Get Off the Gringo Trail in Tingo Maria, Peru or have a look at TarapotoLife for information about the Tingo Maria to Tarapoto road.

Peruvian Pima Cotton

Posted in Culture,History - Inca by Tony Dunnell on September 18, 2009
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Gossypium Barbadense, more commonly known as Pima cotton, is a highly valued, long fiber cotton cultivated in many of the world’s cotton growing regions.

Peruvian Pima cotton is especially valued. Not only is this species of cotton native to Peru,  it also has a rich history of cultivation spanning millenia. The Incas cultivated cotton and were highly skilled in cotton weaving. Many of their skills died alongside them during the Spanish conquest.

Today, Peruvian Pima cotton is still cultivated in the traditional growing regions of the Peruvian north coast. Often harvested by hand, which itself leads to an even finer finish, Peruvian Pima cotton is regarded as one of the finest luxury cottons on the market.

Take a look at Peruvian Pima Cotton – Gossypium Barbadense for more information.


Who Discovered Machu Picchu?

Posted in History - Modern,Travel by Tony Dunnell on September 18, 2009
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Well, the easy answer is Hiram Bingham. Bingham (imagine a slightly more academic, note quite as dynamic Indiana Jones) discovered Machu Picchu in 1911. However, was the Lost City of the Incas ever actually lost? And did Hiram Bingham actually discover it first?

Without taking anything away from Hiram Bingham, the ‘discovery’ of Machu Picchu is a matter of some debate.

Take a look at The Hiram Bingham Machu Picchu Debate to find out more….


The Greatest Peruvian Hero – Miguel Grau

miguel grau seminario famous peruvian

Statue of Miguel Grau Seminario – La Casa Grau, Piura, Peru

In 2000, Miguel Grau Seminario was voted Peruvian of the Millenium. An admiral in the Peruvian navy, Grau is today regarded as the greatest Peruvian hero of the modern era. His heroics in the War of the Pacific against Chile have not been forgotten – a prominent street can be found in every Peruvian town or city bearing the name of Miguel Grau.

To find out more about Peru’s greatest hero read the article at Suite101:

Peruvian Heroes – Miguel Grau Seminario

Miguel Grau Museum – La Casa Grau, Piura, Peru

If you are travelling in Peru and would like to learn more about Admiral Miguel Grau, then head for the Grau Museum in Piura. Located in the Admiral’s childhood home, this small museum has a fascinating collection of paintings and items that once belonged to Grau. There is also a wonderful scale model of Grau’s ship, the Huascar.

For more information, take a look at The Admiral Miguel Grau Museum, Peru.

Famous People from Peru

Famous Peruvians…. maybe not many spring to mind. History buffs will probably reel off some Incas, and maybe a few generals or admirals. But what about some famous Peruvians who are household names not just in Peru but worldwide?

Footballers (soccer players) are among the more famous Peruvians today. Nolberto ‘Nobby’ Solano is a Newcastle United legend and a popular figure in the English Premier League. Claudio Pizzaro is another ex Premier player, though his success was minimal. Juan Manuel Vargas is arguably the hottest property from the Peruvian market, and the best player in the struggling national team.

However, Peru is also a volleyball nation, while the long coastline has provided a few surfers along the way. Kina Malpartida, meanwhile, is currently the toast of Peru after claiming her women’s boxing title in 2009.

Famous Peruvians also appear on the silver screen. Benjamin Bratt and Nathalie Kelley (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) were both born in Peru. Many Peruvian telenovela (soap opera) stars are famous throughout Latin America, but often unheard of in the rest of the world.

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